Vuarnet 006 Sunglasses

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Short Description
  • Mineral lens provides perfect optical quality with zero distortion and a high level of transparency
  • Very resistant to scratches, shock and abrasion
  • Anti-glare, hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings
  • Silver Bi-shaded Mirror eliminates glare and reflections to provide not only optimal sun protection but enhanced comfort too.
  • Polarizing film eliminates light reflection to give you a high resolution vision. Blocks out 99,9% of polarized light glare This is particularly important when you’re out on the water or in the mountains where reflections from the water or snow surfaces can be particularly irritating.
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Developed in 1960, the 006 is an icon. The 006's elegant and sophisticated style is so eye-catching thanks to the purity of the frame. Using molded nylon, at once both light and flexible, its elongated form extends into a stem of airy lightness. It gives the wearer - either man or woman - a way of accentuating his own character as well as a quality of vision that will satisfy even the most demanding.



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