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  • Strap Material: English Calf Leather,Ronda Swiss Quartz Movement with Sapphire Crystal,Case Thickness: 8mm,Wristlet Diameter: 45mm; Case Diameter: 37mm; Face Diameter: 32mm; Band Width: 22mm,Wristlet Diameter: 37mm; Case Diameter: 32mm; Face Diameter: 27mm; Band Width: 20mm
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When you take design cues and aesthetic inspiration from the 19th century, odds are you're going to create something rather unique. When you incorporate those cues and inspirations into a timepiece, the end result is the Wristlet Watch.

In the 18th and 19th Century, the majority of men used pocket watches to keep time. There were some technical and social barriers that the modern wristwatches had to overcome to become essential part of every man's wardrobe as we know today.

This is Waves' attempt to re-create that 19th century legendary design of wrist strap that was first used to house pocket watches onto the wrists for the ease of checking time during Boer War era. The Second Boer War was fought between the British and descendants of Dutch settlers called Boers (farmers) between 1899 and 1902 in Southern Africa. The Boers operated as self-organizing commando units; they knew the terrain, and were highly motivated. Against such a highly mobile adversary, British officers were forced to develop the technique of using precision timing to coordinate troop movements and synchronize attacks against the Boer's positions.

At first pocket watches were adapted by being placed in leather cups with wrist straps. These were often called "wristlets" and had the benefit that a man could wear his watch on his wrist when circumstances demanded, and then return it to his pocket when fashion rather than expediency ruled. Military men soon realized that strategic maneuvers could be coordinated by time instead of visual or audible signals, thereby increasing the element of surprise.



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