Wild Country 10mm Dyneema Tadpole Express Quickdraw Sling - 4 in Black

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Short Description
  • Super light quickdraw slings
  • Tadpole rubber holds bottom biner in place
Brand Name
Wild Country
Size Name
10cm / 4in Black
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And in case you're wondering the Tadpole is Wild Country's name for our wonderful new sewn in rubber ring that holds the bottom biner on a quickdraw in place. The Tadpole is sewn into the quickdraw sling during construction and is better than ever at keeping the bottom biner aligned correctly, so that when you come to clip it, on redpoint or trad, it hasn't moved round making your clip too awkward or even dangerous. And to fit the Tadpole into our quickdraw slings all Wild Country 10cm 15cm and 20cm slings are now sewn through express slings, with a triple stiched layer of material in the centre. And while the bootom loop contains the Tadpole, the top loop of these slings is left open to allow you to re-orientate the biner there for safer climbing. And for 2007~8 season Wild Country will be selling these slings separately, so if you want to update your rack with Tadpoles, you can! And best of all the Tadpole comes at no extra cost on any of our slings....



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