Wild Country 16mm Sewn Nylon Slings - 60, 120, 240cm - Assorted Colors

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Short Description
  • Extra thick heavy duty webbing material
  • Lower profile 16mm wide webbing
  • 22kN strength
  • Assorted Colors
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Wild Country
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Though these are only 16mm wide nylon, this is an extra heavy duty due to the thickness of the webbing. The material is about twice as thick as typical tubular webbing giving it extra wear resistance and durability. This is for those looking for a seriously beefy sling. Different materials have their advantages and disadvantages and Nylon tapes have a solidity and reliability second to none, with a longevity that will, in the main, outlast the thinner Dyneema® tapes. Most obvious in these advantages is that the greater surface area will be more difficult to wear or abrade, and therefore in the roughest situations, or over sharp edges, they will have more resistance. More simply their size gives a great visual confirmation of their strength, so for those just starting out or who are a bit more cautious in their approach the 16mm Nylon option can give re-assurance.



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