Wild Country Dyneema Daisy Chain - 12mm x 140cm

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  • The daisychain has a thirteen pocket design and features a twist at the belt end enabling it to sit correctly on when threaded through a harness waistbelt.
  • Safety Note - It is especially important to note that the Daisy Chain is specifically an aid climbing tool and is designed for static loads only. The pocket strength of the Daisy Chain is very low because of this - only 2kn - therefore it is essential to note:
  • A. Daisy Chains should never be used as a belay equalisation tool by the use of the pockets. A shock load could easily 'pop' a pocket leading to a chain reaction of critical loading. B. Daisy Chains should never be used as a sling unless it is between the two end pockets only.
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Wild Country
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Designed primarily for aid-climbing our 13 pocket daisys are a must for all big wall aspirants and come in 12mm dyneema for a great balance between strength and longevity.



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