Wild Country Helium 2 10mm Dyneema Quickdraw - Silver/Red 10cm

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  • New 2mm wire gate,Clean-wire no-hook gate,Closed Gate: 24kN Open Gate: 10kN Cross-Axis: 7kN,Gate Opening: 27mm / 1.06",Weight: 10cm: 73g / 2.57oz; 15cm: 74g / 2.61oz
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Wild Country
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10 cm
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The definitive trad climbing carabiner of the last ten years, and with a clutch of five star reviews that say as much, the latest Helium is incrementally improved for the Spring 2014 season. A new slimmer wiregate enhances the ease of use; improving clipping and adding even more security to our 'Clean-lock' nose wiregate. As strong and light as ever, due to Wild Country's ground breaking 'I beam' back construction, the Helium stays as relevant, reliable and as perfect for the on-sight as any 'biner ever has been. Hot forged. High gate open strength. EN 12275

Quickdraws available in 10, 15 and 20cm on 10mm Dyneema with new 'Vice'. Silver carabiner on top/clip-end, Red on bottom/rope end.

Wild Country's new thermo-formed sling grip, the Vice, holds the bottom biner of any quick draw set solid and true; ensuring even loading, clean clipping and helping to protect the sling from wear and tear.



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