Wild Country Nitro Wiregate Carabiner

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Short Description
  • Ultralight Full Size Carabiner - 35 grams
  • I-Beam Construction
  • Strength: 24kN (closed), 9kN (open), 7kN (cross)
  • Color: Steel Anodized
Brand Name
Wild Country
Style Name
In building the Nitro we had in mind to make the lightest and best full size biner we could, at a price that would make it the 'must have' biner in this class in 2009. So to do that we decided to 'rip-off' our own Helium biner - universally acknowledged as an amazing product. The Nitro is a beauty - a full size lightweight biner with a superb feel and pitch perfect performance. The Helium is an exceptional biner- everyone tells us so! It feels great in the hand, clips superbly, and is still the world's lightest true full size biner. In fact maybe the only criticism is that it's incredible patented 'no-hook' nose makes it's production an expensive business. So the Nitro is a solution to that, it's a Helium with a skinny hooded nose that's easier to produce and comes at a way better price. And at only 35 grams it's a real contender on the shelf and on the rack. So now you do the math- an easy clipping, full size, 35 gram, great feeling biner at an awesome price = a bargain just waiting to be snapped up.



Product is exactly as described and awesome for alpine draws. The slight weight savings on draws means I can pack my harness with other stuff I probably will never use!

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