Wild Country Ropeman 2 Ascender

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  • Now reworked with forged sideplates the Ropeman 2 is neater in the hand, a touch lighter and with better internal radii it has a smoother function across a broader range of karabiners.
  • The Ropeman2 was the successor to the Mk1 and was designed with stainless steel cam that allows use on ropes down to 8mm.
  • Thus the bottom line and the most reliable piece of safety advice is to follow the simple rule that the Ropeman1 is for single ropes only while the Ropeman2 will cover both half ropes and single ropes.
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Wild Country
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A new hot forged version of this bestselling mountain tool hits the shelf from the end of this month adding to it's usefulness. From day one the Ropeman 1 and 2 have become the ubiquitous tools for a wide range of mountaineering and cragging activities - so from prussiking to pulleys and mouflage the list of uses and adaptations for these small but perfectly formed devices goes on and on.



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