Wild Country Sport Draw Dogbone with Vice

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Short Description
  • Supplied with the solid 'Vice' to grip the bottom 'biner and prevent unwanted movement
  • Strength: 22kN
  • Weight: 12cm: 14g / 0.54oz
  • Weight: 17cm: 18g / 0.63oz
  • Weight: 25cm: 23g / 0.81oz
Brand Name
Wild Country
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Wild Country's new variable width Sport Draw is built wide for easy grabbing whilst dogging or rigging a route, making a huge difference to skin and strength over a long day of sport climbing. Paired with new Proton or Oxygen carabiners they come in three lengths, each is supplied with the solid 'Vice' to grip the bottom 'biner and prevent unwanted movement. The top is left loose on these 'dogbone' slings, allowing the bolt end carabiner to be rotated, if required. Stylish, strong and super functional, these variable width slings are essential sports climbing tools.

Wild Country's new thermo-formed sling grip, the Vice, holds the bottom biner of any quick draw set solid and true; ensuring even loading, clean clipping and helping to protect the sling from wear and tear.



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