Wild Country Synergy Keylock HMS Locksafe

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  • Features: Hot forged, Keylock Nose, 3 Stage autolock mechanism, 12mm Round bar, Individually proof loaded to 10kN, Individually inspected, , 7075 Alloy, 3 Sigma Rated, CE EN 12275, UIAA.
  • Weight: 98 grams / 3.46 oz - Gate Clearance - 23mm
  • Strengths: Gate Closed 22kN, Gate Open 7 kN, Cross Gate 7kN
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Wild Country
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There are some situations where it's absolutely necessary to be sure your screwgate is closed - so also available for the safety conscious or for more select applications comes our full Autolock Synergy. This has a three stage mechanism that makes sure it must be deliberately opened and then when it's let go it closes and autolocks itself - meaning that there?s no more worrying about accidental unlocking. As with the standard screw it uses the same 12mm round bar construction, keeping a smooth profile for ropes, and enabling it to be used with a Munter hitch and a wider range of knots.



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