Wild Country V2 Vision Kidz Body Harness

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  • The two problems with putting smaller children in climbing harnesses is that they are very top heavy and have very thin waists. This first problem means that they are likely to tip upside down if they fall off, while the second means that if they do tip, they can fall out of the harnesses.
  • Designed to take kids up to 40kg (and most likely in the age range 4 - 10) this fully adjustable model helps solve those problems by being a full body harness which grips over the shoulders and keeps the tie in point higher to avoid tipping.
  • The Vision Kids has Ziplock buckles for simple quick and safe adjustment, more padding than most, and a great colour scheme to encourage the little bears in your life to get going. One size.
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Wild Country
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You can't wrap kids in cotton wool - but you can wrap them pretty securely in this superb full body model.



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