Wild Country VC Pro 2 Belay Device - Gunmetal Set



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Short Description
  • Reversible modes
  • Efficient breaking slots
  • Minimum Rope Diameter: 7.7mm
  • Maximum Rope Diameter: 11mm
  • Weight: 80g / 2.82oz (device only)
Brand Name
Wild Country
Color Name
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With an organic shape and intuitive feel, the VC Pro 2 works superbly on a wide range of ropes. Designed to give smooth running on thicker cords, and with a flat base plate that decreases 'grab' when paying out, the VC Pro 2 has plenty of bite on ever-decreasing diameter alpine ropes. The deep, grooved, V slots take even the thinnest cords and give a solid grip in a fall or when abseiling. A great value device, for indoor or out, that's well proven. Lightweight and durable 'trad' design.

Available in a set with the Synergy screwgate.



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