Wild Country Vision Ziplock Adjustable Climbing Harness - Men's

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Short Description
  • Ziplock buckle waist
  • Ziplock buckle legs
  • Batwing® belt shaping
  • 25kN Belay loop
  • Wear indicator
Brand Name
Wild Country
Style Name

Light, lithe and very popular, this is the model that took the Vision concept one step forward with a great fit, plenty of gear loops and high strength, safety features.

An all round harness needs to function in all conditions and adjustment is the key to that and with the superb Ziplock leg loop buckles, Wild Country has added the versatility needed for winter, alpine or just rubbish summer weather. Clean, light and unobtrusive they perfectly complement the redesigned leg loops to give this harness all-round appeal for those who need to go that bit further. Another plus point is the wide adjustment available on the cleverly designed waist belt - with around 5-6" / 12-15cm movement on each size there is plenty of room for layer changes - or even a pound or two gained or lost!

In sharp, modern materials, with great new safety features and a stylish finish the Vision Ziplock Mens gives you a simple, subtle, and effective package at a suprisingly great price and is designed to go the distance in summer and winter, whether starting off, or in it for the long haul.



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