Xsories XS Pack: Fix, Tilt, and Shoot

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  • Includes U-Shot
  • Tiltee
  • Magnetic Foot
  • Suction Cup Foot,Max Load Suction Cup Foot: 5-8kg,Max Load U-Shot and Tiltee: 3kg,U-Shot Dimensions: 18-49cm,Weight: U-Shot: 105g; Tiltee: 50g; Magnetic Foot: 108g; Suction Cup Foot: 50g
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A pack designed for you to make the most of the U-Shot possibilities.

U-Shot: Thanks to the 1/4" universal screw, you can connect any type of compact camera in a fast and secure way. U-Shot is easy to carry and quickly adjustable to the desired length.

Tiltee: Is an aluminum ball-head with 1/4" universal screw and thread for optimum compatibility with all kinds of cameras. It connects the U-Shot with the magnetic or suction cup foot for an enhanced tilt.

Magnetic Foot: Is ideal for metalic surfacecs.

Suction Cup Foot: Works on smooth surfaces such as glass and vehicules bodywork.



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