Y&Y Belay Glasses

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Y&Y Belay Glasses

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  • Say NO to belayer's neck!
  • High quality glasses cases with carabiner to hang to your harness
  • High quality optical prism
  • Light and resistant stainless steel frames
  • Flexible bows with memory alloy
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Have you ever had neck pain from belaying? Do you want to find a more comfortable way to belay your partner? Have you ever worried about cervical spondylosis? This is the solution! Y&Y Belay Glasses can help belayers to avoid raising head for long time, in order to relax muscles at neck area. Let them feel smoother and more comfortable. Say NO to belayer's neck! With Y&Y, you will always hold your sight to your partner, which provide more concentration and better security. Clear Image and double visions: Belayer can keep an eye on both climber and environment nearby to prevent accident. Perfect compatibility: Eyeglasses users and sunglasses users can use Y&Y too.Memory alloy bows have a high capacity to remember the original form, even after a strong deformation. These flexible bows fit most head shapes. Stainless steel frame is extremely resistant and light. Silicone nose pads are perfectly adept for sports. The surface of contact is increased to reduce pressure on the nose. Flexible brackets allow the nose pads to be adjustable to better fit your nose. High transparency prisms have excellent optical performance, clear sight provides better security to you.



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