Zeal Optics Ace Polarized Sunglasses



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Short Description
  • Unisex
  • Polarized
  • 100% Cotton M49 Frame
  • Biodegradable
  • e-llume Lens
Brand Name
Zeal Optics
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Ace is produced from 100% US-grown cotton. After harvesting the plant from farms all across America, we ship the cotton to Italy's renowned Mazzuccchelli family. We rely on their deep knowledge and refined skills, honed over generations, to bring to life sunglasses like never before. Paired with our exclusive, plant-based e-llume lens, Ace is the greenest sunglass - EVER!

Produced from 100% USA-Grown Cotton, M49, which was first released with Ace, is a revolution that represents the future of eyewear. We partnered with the renowned Mazzucchelli family to build a sunglass that is both ecological and fashionable. After harvesting the cotton from farms all across America, we ship it to Mazzucchelli for processing. Cotton linters (very small fibers around the seeds of the cotton plant) are purified into a pulp and then into a resin that can be used for injection molding.

During its lifetime, M49 is similar to any other sunglass material, and only begins to biodegrade when disposed of. M49 will biodegrade in low oxygen (anaerobic) environments as the result of microbial reactions with the material that are significantly less effective in open and oxygenated conditions.

E-llume is the world's first lens using a plant-based bonding agent, replacing petroleum-based materials. With optimum clarity, this lens is proof that environmental initiatives are not a deterrent to an incredible optical experience. In conjunction with our Z-Resin frames, ZEAL is leading the way towards completely removing crude oil from sunglass production. E-llume lenses don't skimp on protection or prevention either, with complete protection from UVA, B and C as well as HEV light.



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