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  • e-llume Lens
  • Hydrophobic & Oleophobic Lens Coatings
  • Z-Resin Frame
  • Interchangeable Lens System
  • Adjustable Bridge & Temple
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Zeal Optics
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Built to move, the Rival knows no boundaries. From early morning rides to midday heat, this frame defends your vision for the long haul. Our e-llume shield brings full-wrapped protection and clarity to every movement, ensuring all-day protection no matter where your journey takes you.

Rival is built strong with defined lines and soft movements to ensure a bold, versatile fit. The lightweight Z-Resin frame allows for all-day comfort and the straight-line lens leads to the ultimate in technology for multi-sport performance. Finished with adjustable temples and nose pads, the frame is made to custom fit all faces. With hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings added to our e-llume lens, Rival offers unparalleled clarity in all conditions while providing unrivaled protection no matter where the road, trail, or path leads you.

All of our "plastic" sunglass frames are made from plant-based resins. This all started with Z-Resin, a proprietary, plant-based material from Switzerland. Instead of crude oil, it's made from the castor bean, an efficient, fast-growing perennial that is easy to grow, withstands drought, and thrives on marginal lands. Z-Resin doesn't compete with food crops and also significantly reduces the amount of CO2 released during manufacturing.

E-llume is the world's first lens using a plant-based bonding agent, replacing petroleum-based materials. With optimum clarity, this lens is proof that environmental initiatives are not a deterrent to an incredible optical experience. In conjunction with our Z-Resin frames, ZEAL is leading the way towards completely removing crude oil from sunglass production. E-llume lenses don't skimp on protection or prevention either, with complete protection from UVA, B and C as well as HEV light.



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