Zeal Optics Takeoff Polarized Sunglasses



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Short Description
  • Polarized
  • Hyperion™ Lenses
  • Z-Resin™ Frame
  • ProFlex™
  • MyFit™
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Zeal Optics
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The Takeoff has a unique combination of technical design and precision craftsmanship, paired with a functional purpose. It is the definition of high-end performance within our Active Collection. Takeoff is a technical performer inspired by the cockpit of today's 747 airliner. These sunglasses are aerodynamic, high-tech and ready to go.

All of our "plastic" sunglass frames are made from plant-based resins. This all started with Z-Resin, a proprietary, plant-based material from Switzerland. Instead of crude oil, it's made from the castor bean, an efficient, fast-growing perennial that is easy to grow, withstands drought, and thrives on marginal lands. Z-Resin doesn't compete with food crops and also significantly reduces the amount of CO2 released during manufacturing.

Proflex Design
This unique material is strategically injected into each frame to provide a soft and comfortable hold. With incredible performance characteristics, it can withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures, ensuring that your sunglasses stay in place no matter what.

Adjustability and comfort are the two most important characteristics when defining the right sunglass frame. This patented system allows you to customize the fit with precision. With a pantoscopic angle adjustment of up to two degrees, this system is transforming what comfort and fit are all about.



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