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While time has the ability to erode, many rewarding aspects of life only come with years of hard work and dedication. Just ask Mountain Hardwear athlete Angie Payne, who has 19 years of climbing hard to back up her professional crushing career. Starting at 11 as an indoor sport climber, Angie turned her sights to bouldering in the early 2000s--and quickly discovered she dominated, topping out three ABS National Championships. She continues to place high in both bouldering and sport climbing comps, from World Cups to Psicobloc.

Her feats on plastic are fantastic, but she really rocks on real rock: in 2010, Angie became the first woman to send V13 with her first female ascent of The Automator in Rocky Mountain National Park. She didn't stop there, following it up with the first female ascent of Freaks of the Industry, another V13 in the same park, in summer 2014--a hard-won victory after three seasons of work. Over almost a decade in the outdoors, she's racked up almost two dozen first female ascents of V10-V12 problems all over the world.

"I absolutely love the process of projecting. Even though it's full of insanely frustrating moments, it never stops teaching me new things, and I never consider not seeing it through to the end. It's a 99% mental game." -Angie

Get inspired: we got ahold of Angie to ask her what gear she finds essential for her boundary-pushing projects.

Angie's Pack:

  • Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket - Women's

    It must be some sort of magic that makes this thing SO light and SO warm at the same time. This jacket is perfect for bouldering sessions, because it takes up minimal space in the crashpad but provides optimal warmth in between attempts. This is the first down jacket I put on when I'm getting cold at the boulders.

  • eGrips Classic Home Gym Climbing Holds Kit

    I have pulled on a lot of plastic in my life, and I have come to appreciate high-quality holds. eGrips holds are definitely at the top of that list for me, with shapes that are highly-refined, time-tested, practical, versatile, fun and incredibly aesthetic. This is a perfect sampling of all the eGrips classics, with a little bit of everything you'll want and need to get stronger. Some of my very favorite holds are in this kit, including Comfy Crimps, Bubble Wrap Ledges, and Myorcan Tufas.

  • Mountain Hardwear Phantom 0 Sleeping Bag - Men's

    The women's version of this was my trusty sleeping bag in Greenland, and is still going strong. This thing is WARM, and I particularly loved the extra warm closure system around the head and neck area.

  • Petzl Tikka RXP Headlamp 2014 Closeout

    This thing is the headlamp. You need this, believe me. Super, duper bright when you need it to be, dimmer when you don't, and smart enough to know the difference. The reactive lighting technology that this uses is amazing to me, and definitely makes life-by-headlamp nicer.

  • Mountain Hardwear Nitrous Hooded Down Jacket - Women's

    When temperatures get a little colder and I need to add a more substantial layer, this is my go-to. Having a super warm down jacket (with a hood!) is absolutely critical for alpine or Winter bouldering.

  • Mountain Hardwear Pandra Ponte Pant - Women's

    These pants are great for bouldering. Lightweight, but still relatively warm, nice fit, stretchy and cute to boot.

  • Mountain Hardwear Butter Tight - Women's

    If the temperature drops and the Pandra Ponte Pants need a little extra warmth boost, these tights are a perfect base layer. It's nice to have the option to take them to the boulders and put them on only when I'm getting really cold.

  • Mountain Hardwear Plasmic Jacket - Women's

    This jacket has kept me dry through many an alpine storm at the boulders. Simple, high-quality, and in nice colors too!

"Try Hard!"


More of Angie's Pack:

  • Mountain Hardwear Dual Fleece Hooded Jacket - Women's

    One of my very favorite pieces. Incredibly versatile and comfortable. Just the right level of warmth for bouldering in when it's getting pretty cold. Flexible enough to allow for all movements!

  • Mountain Hardwear Wicked Lite Long Sleeve T - Women's

    One of the most comfortable shirts I have. Great for keeping me cool during hikes, but also just the right first layer to add when it's too cold for a t-shirt.

  • Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoe - Women's

    My second in line, right behind the Dragon. These came very close to de-throning the Dragon as my favorite shoe (but it still holds its title). Just the right amount of downturn plus the convenience of a velcro shoe makes these great for both gym climbing and rock climbing. These are GREAT toe-hookers, too! Plus, the colors are awesome, and the price is right.

  • Organic Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket

    Ten years ago, I got this chalk bucket, and I am still using it. By some stroke of luck, I haven't lost it yet, and it isn't even close to retirement. Insanely durable, simple, and colorful. My favorite. (Ed. note: visit the Gear Coop store to browse our wide selection of Organic chalk buckets, including exclusive Gear Coop logo bags!)

  • Mountain Hardwear Petrina Short - Women's

    My absolute favorite shorts to climb in. Although these are technically a running short, they are an incredibly flexible design that actually makes them perfect for bouldering.

  • Mountain Hardwear Yumalina Pant - Women's

    So comfortable, simple, and warm enough for cool weather bouldering.

  • Mountain Hardwear Pillow Drift Beanie

    A classic and cute winter hat look in great, fun colors. And warm, too!

  • Five Ten Guide Tennie Canvas - Women's

    These are my favorite approach shoe, and I wear them A LOT. They're very durable, but not too clunky. The toe is similar to a climbing shoe, which makes these handy for scrambling and tennie ascents. And of course, they come equipped with high-friction Stealth tread.

"it doesn't matter if it's been done or not, I can do it."


More of Angie's Pack:

  • Mountain Hardwear Cronus 35 Backpack

    This pack is perfect for traveling with, it is a good size for my computer and a the few eseential travel items I need.

  • Mountain Hardwear Microchill Cowlneck Pullover - Women's

    Simply comfortable and versatile, perfect for bouldering…and wearing to dinner afterwards.

  • Organic Crash Pads

    Organic crash pads. My preferred setup is usually the full pad/briefcase pad combo because it's a great way to pack a LOT of padding into a single setup. Plus, the custom colors are unbeatably beautiful! (Ed. note: visit the Gear Coop store to browse our wide selection of Organic pads!)

  • Mueller Grip Tape

    The stickiest, most reliable tape I have found. Easy to tear, too! The best tape is the kind that you don't notice while you're climbing, and this definitely meets that requirement, because it won't come off in the middle of your session.

  • Five Ten Dragon Climbing Shoe - Men's

    These have been my go-to shoes for a LONG time now, and they are still my very favorites. For an all-around reliable, high-performance, and versatile shoe, these are IT. On rock and plastic, I trust nothing more than my Dragons.

  • CAMP Block Chalk - Box of 8

    Any type of block chalk is my preference.

  • Mountain Hardwear DrySpun Burnout Tank - Women's

    A flexible, light-weight, classic t-shirt, good for just about everything.

  • Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30L Backpack

    When I do ditch my crashpad for a different type of climbing, this is my go-to crag bag. Surprisingly spacious and incredibly light. I love the simplicity of the design on this one.

Photo credit: Keith Ladzinski


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