Black Diamond Bosun's Chair

PRICE: $69.95
Black Diamond Bosun's Chair
PRICE: $69.95
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Coming by its name honestly, Bosun's Chair puts you in charge from a seated position rather than dangling in pain. Much like a Bosun (Boatswain) on a ship is tasked with keeping the deck and hull organized, this comfy seat allows meticulous management of the various systems and ropes associated with big walls or expedition style climbs. Belaying your partner on a long arduous lead doesn't mean you have to suffer as well and Bosun's Chair is there to provide a flat platform upon which sitting on will seem analogous to lounging compared to mercifully hanging in your harness. Between the padded seat, customizable back support, and camlock levers for height adjustments, this belay seat might have your rooting for your partners long leads rather than cursing slow progress while you lose feeling in your feet. Invest in the Bosun's Chair and embrace the experience of adventuring up a wall rather than focusing on the pain of hanging belay after hanging belay.
Short Description
  • Adjustable design for comfort at belay
  • Daisy chain for additional organization
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Black Diamond
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