Bringing Yoga Back!

#bringingyogaback prAna giveaway

The Challenge

We're bringing yoga back
Those other stretches don't know to act
Release your breath, downward dog that back
You know sun salutation's just the knack

This spring, prAna is #bringingyogaback--and GearCoopers know that yoga is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and get in tune with your body. So we're breathing, stretching, and releasing right alongside as part of prAna's 12 Days of Yoga challenge!

The Prize

This is a contest where everyone wins: enhanced flexibility, easier breathing, and peace of mind. But there's more than that! On top of prAna's amazing $2,000 prize (one winner plus a friend), Gear Coop will randomly select two participants to respectively receive $200 and $100 prAna gift cards! It's a great incentive to get you into an awesome practice.

How to Enter:

Follow @prana and @gearcoop on Instagram. Be sure to spread the word and encourage your friends to take part with you!

Snap a photo of yourself doing prAna's yoga pose of the day. You don't have to post every day to be eligible to win--just share when you can.

Include the hashtag #bringingyogaback in your photo caption. We'd also love to read your thoughts, feelings, and meditations on yoga as well!


Be a part of PrAna's #bringingyogaback movement!


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