DMM Alpha Sport Vari Width Quickdraw - Red 12cm

PRICE: $25.95
DMM Alpha Sport Vari Width Quickdraw - Red 12cm
PRICE: $25.95
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The Alpha Sport quickdraw features an Alpha Pro biner on the bolt end, and an Alpha Clip biner on the rope end of the draw. We have improved the grip and ergonomics with a new straight gate to help with full stretch clips and introduced a red colour scheme to the anodising. The Alpha Sport Quickdraw now comes with a stylish logo, and at the rope end biner there is a neat, injection-moulded keeper. This keeps the biner locked down and correctly aligned, ensuring easy clipping and optimum loading. It also protects the webbing from abrasion.

Top tip: You should always clip bolts or pegs with the same end of the quickdraw. The reason being that a fall can cause the bolt hanger to gouge out a small, but sharp edged groove in the rope basket of the biner. If you then switch to clipping your rope through the same biner you will probably damage the sheath if you fall off.

Short Description
  • Rubber keeper secures rope end biner in correct position
  • Specially contoured biners make clipping easy
  • 12cm long Variwidth Nylon sling
  • Generous rope radius
  • Weight: 104g
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