DMM Phantom Screwgate Locking Carabiner

PRICE: $14.45
DMM Phantom Screwgate Locking Carabiner
PRICE: $14.45
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The Phantom weighs 41.5g and is the lightest keylock screwgate biner in the world. It also is very functional and very strong with a major axis strength of 23kN and a gate open strength of 9kN. DMM says they could have made it even lighter if they were willing to compromise on it's strength and safety, but they were not willing to produce an offset D carabiner with a gate open strength of less than 9kN. If we were to accept a gate open of 7 kN DMM says they could have kept the same size and got down to 20g. However they do not believe that 7kN gives enough safety margin. The same thought process is applied to the carabiner gate and barrel - DMM could have reduced the wall thicknesses to drop the weight down even further, but they have kept the same high strength 7075 components that they use on a lot of their other I-beam carabiners. This barrel has a massive push-in strength. DMM has acheived all this by using the same special alloy that they use on the Phantom wiregates and using their knowledge of forging/heat treating aluminium. All the standard DMM features are present - smooth steep internal radiuses to minimise the chances of the carabiner hanging up or of the carabiner being loaded badly, fully anodised finish and an internal rope groove. The Phantom series of carabiners are the ultimate range for traditional and alpine climbing.
Short Description
  • Weight: 41.5g - The lightest keylock screwgate in the world!
  • Strength: 23kN (Gate-Closed), 9kN (Gate-Open), 9kN (Minor-Axis)
  • Gate Opening: 16mm
  • Rope Bearing Surface Width: 8.9mm
  • This screwgate Phantom is similar in size to a mid-size carabiner like the Trango Superfly, larger than the standard Phantom wiregate
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