DMM Ultra Oval Locking Carabiner - Lock Safe 3 Color Pack

PRICE: $72.95
DMM Ultra Oval Locking Carabiner - Lock Safe 3 Color Pack
PRICE: $72.95
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Guides and Mountaineering instructors wanted a simple solution to help transfer their knowledge and experience to their clients, simplify systems, and take out confusion at belays. With DMM's small batch, in-house production they were able to provide that solution. Red, Blue, and Green: they sound different - even in a wild mountain environment, and they look different - even in poor light. Not only suited to the mountain professionals, climbers of all abilities wanting easy identification will benefit. The Ultra O Screwgate could be described as the perfect aid climbing biner - it certainly performs remarkably well in the big wall environment and the I-Beam construction gives it an excellent strength to weight ratio. Perhaps multi day ascents, sac hauling, portaledges and extreme dehydration (eek!) are not your bag, but that doesn't mean you should turn your back on the oval biner design, far from it. At some point all of us will need to use a pulley system, most likely in a rescue situation. Oval biners are important because they allow pulleys to sit in a correctly loaded and equalised position. The symmetrical shape also stops them shifting under load and potentially dislodging a marginal gear placement. The locking gate adds a final element of security to the system.
Short Description
  • Strength - 24kN
  • Strength (Open Gate) - 7kN
  • Strength - (Minor Axis) - 12kN
  • Gate opening - 22mm
  • Weight - 65g
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