Drymax Sport Lite Mesh No Show Sock

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Drymax Sport Lite Mesh No Show Sock
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If you don't wear sport specific socks as you like lighter weight socks that work for all sports and fit in all shoes, the Drymax Sport Lite-Mesh Sock is the sock you should buy. Moisture is your feet's worst enemy. Moisture causes blisters, discomfort, Athlete's Foot and allows odor causing bacteria to flourish. However you also know your feet are going to get wet, either from sweating, stepping in a puddle, running across wet grass or getting caught in the rain. The new Sport Lite-Mesh Socks were designed with a special Dual Layer Moisture Removal System that moves moisture off the skin through the inner Drymax layer to the outer absorbent layer almost instantly.

Sport Lite-Mesh Socks are a Low Density protective padded sock. By using dense padding, as opposed to thick padding, it protects feet without adversely affecting the fit of the shoes. The Sport Lite-Mesh Socks were designed to be used in mild to hot conditions, keeping your feet dry, cool, comfortable and odor free.

Sport Lite-Mesh v3 Drymax socks possess top and bottom mesh air vents designed to keep feet drier & cooler by working with the built-in vent systems in the new generation of breathable shoes made by Adidas® (Clima Cool), Asics®, Diadora® (Power Flow), Fila®, Lotto®, Mizuno® (Intercool), New Balance® (N-Vent), Nike®, Reebok®, and Wilson®.

The MicroZap® antimicrobial in the Drymax Fibers is a silver-zirconium phosphate ceramic ion-exchange resin. It fights odor-causing bacteria, helping keep socks odor free. MicroZap provides long term Active Odor Control.

The special fibers used in Drymax Socks have a comfortable springiness and do not get stiff, shrink or lose shape over time. The whites are crisp and the colors never dull. They are designed to last a long time using the highest quality fibers, and abrasion resistant nylon fiber reinforcements in the normal wear areas.

Short Description
  • Breathable mesh and vented arch band cools and dries feet,Anti-slip wedge helps prevent sock from slipping down into the shoe,Dual layers knit toether keeps feet dry,Flat toe seam
  • and Y-heel improves fit,Color-coded size mark on toe for easy match-up after laundering
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