Evolv Bouldering Brush

PRICE: $6.45
Evolv Bouldering Brush
PRICE: $6.45
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So. What can we possibly say about such a mundane item resembling an oversized toothbrush? We could rhapsodize about the durability of its natural wood handle. Or we could encourage you to ogle the all-natural boar's hair bristles adorning its head. But at the end of the day, the Evolv Bouldering Brush is what it is: a brush. But it's a brush that's damn good at its job. Keep an Evolv Bouldering Brush in your chalk bag, and quickly eradicate all chalk smears, tick marks, and other unsightly remnants of your climbing at the crag, preserving natural beauty and improving hold quality for those who climb in your wake. And that's all we have to say about that.
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  • Bamboo handle
  • Boar's hair bristles
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Great brush


Boars have been scaling boulders up to V17 for millenia. Using their bristly back hair they're able to brush out the holds simply by thinking about them. With your very own boar's hair brush you too will become a master of the boulders and will probably be able to climb Daniel Woods' new testpeice with your eyes closed facing away from the rock. But don't take my word for it, buy this AMAZING BRUSH with near-magical powers and find out for yourself!


This is a good brush. It gets the job done and it seems like it will last for a while too.

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