Feetures! Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve Sock

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Feetures! Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve Sock
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Feeture's compression foot Sleeve Sock uses patent pending FS6 technology to lift and stabilize the plantar fascia and improve circulation in the affected area to provide relief from painful plantar fasciitis symptoms. Easy to slip on, easy to slip off. Can be worn comfortably under socks when active for extra support. Can be worn while sleeping to reduce morning heel pain. Finally, an effective and convenient way to relieve Plantar Fasciitis symptoms.

Patent-Pending FS6™ Technology

  • Provides six zones of support
  • Graduated compression improves circulation
  • Lifts and stabilizes the plantar fascia


  • Eases heel pain,Reduces swelling,Alleviates pain of first few steps when you get up,Day or night use,Can even be worn while running
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  • Eases heel pain,Reduces swelling,Alleviates pain of first few steps when you get up,Day or night use,Can even be worn while running
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I was suffering the beginnings of plantar fasciitis, and I bought this compression sleeve based on others' reviews. I must say, I completely agree with everyone on the quality of this product. It works as advertised, providing instant relief. The design is brilliant - the sleeve offers comfort and support without cutting off circulation. I've worn it for up to 12 hours without any problems. Two days after receiving this product, my foot pain was entirely gone. It comes back from time to time, and all I have to do to alleviate it is wear the sleeve for a few hours. I highly recommend this product. It is worth every penny of its reasonable and fair price.


I suffer from plantar fasciitis in my right foot. It is especially bad first thing in the morning and I literally limp out of bed after waking up. I received this sleeve and put it on within minutes of opening the package. My first thoughts were "OK, this thing is a tight sleeve, let's see what happens." Even though it is tight, it is still comfortable. The material is very soft and it can be worn alone or under a sock. I wore it to bed and it didn't bother me during the night. The most surprising thing of all is that after only one night of use, my pain was reduced by about 50% the next morning. I'm hoping that with continued use, my early morning foot pain will be reduced even further. I'm VERY impressed with this little device!11/06/13 Update:After using this sleeve for several weeks and doing some exercises, it seems as if my plantar fasciitis has cleared up. I'm very happy about that, but I figure it may come back someday, so I'll be hanging on to this sleeve in the event that happens.


I have been dealing with Plantar Facsiitis for about 3 years now,starting in my right foot for 2 years and then in both for about the last year and a half. I have tried all the exercises, special shoes,shots in the heel, even a walking boot, the pain was so severe in my right foot. When I saw this, I thought, what the heck! This has been the BEST thing so far. I ordered two in Jan. 2014 and have been wearing them ever since. I am not able to wear them at night but put them on first thing in the morning and take them off before going to bed. I walk without a limp now and can wear some of cute shoes without pain. I still have some trouble in the morning but not anything like before and I would not have been able to wear anything except my Asics. I will continue to wear these until all pain is gone!

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