Flux TT Snowboard Binding

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Flux TT Snowboard Binding
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The True Veteran. As a favorite for years, this binding has been tested in all different riding conditions. A solid hold and a seamless fit make this binding different from any other all-mountain binding. Its Alpha Highback is made of super-tough nylon that's super responsive. The highback is solid for control and the milled out sections will give you flex on hard landings. The base is made of a mid-flexing material that will give you natural control of your board and dampenings on your landings. It is milled out to be lightweight, yet still strong and responsive. It has tooless adjustment all the way around, and has lifetime warranty, so you know it's ready to take on all that you are. It has a full footbed with adjustable toe and heel cushions. The new FTM Versa toe strap can be worn on top of your toes, or be used to mask your toes, depending on your preference. It is made of a new material that will hold you in better than anything before. The new ankle strap has been remodeled to reduce bulk, and will fit any boot you want to ride. The UU Fit is used on this binding and is one of many patented features.

UU Fit System
Flux UU Fit System gives you a comfortable 360 degree wrap which evens out pressure and gives you a more natural feel and hold in your binding. A traditional ankle strap mounting point creates pressure points in the front and back and gives a weak hold from all sides, leaving gaps and not giving you a natural hold.

F.T.M. Versa
New toe mask made from a softer material for a better hold. Simple yet stylish design with our L-Guide system to hold your ladders down. 2 way fit, wear it on top of your toes or use it to mask your toes. Compatible with all boots.

Short Description
  • Alpha Highback made of tough nylon gives increased response.,FTM Versa toe strap can be worn on top of your toes
  • or masking your toes
  • depending on your preferences,UU Fit gives you a comfortable 360 degree fit,Medium Flex (3 of 5 on Flux's scale),Lifetime warranty
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