Hammock Bliss Tandem Hammock - Maroon/Gray

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PRICE: $89.95
Hammock Bliss Tandem Hammock - Maroon/Gray
PRICE: $89.95


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Hammock Bliss Tandem is the first hammock in the world to solve the problem of two people sleeping in a hammock together comfortably. Gravity is one of the most powerful forces on earth and when two people sleep together in most camping hammocks they inevitably end up on top of each other due to gravity as weight always falls to the lowest point, sooner or later. While some couples don't mind being on top of each other, many prefer their own separate space. The Hammock Bliss Tandem provides two separate single size hammocks which are attached together in the center. You can snuggle to Hammock Bliss's hearts content but when it comes time to sleep you each have Hammock Bliss's own comfy hanging space just next to Hammock Bliss's friend. Hammock Bliss Tandem can also be used solo. Just wrap one of the two hammocks under the other to create a double layer hammock. The lower hammock can hold an inflatable pad, multi cell thermal pad or an under quilt for extra insulation. Hammock Bliss Tandem is made of soft and breathable parachute material and comes complete with its own suspension system. Each separate side of the tandem features 100 inches of super strong climbing rope on each end. That is 400 inches of climbing rope in total. It all packs into an attached bag on the side of one of the sleeping spaces and when packed it is not much bigger than a grapefruit. Finally you can hang together in comfort with the double support of Hammock Bliss Tandem.
Short Description
  • One Hammock With Two Attached Sleeping Spaces - Hang Together In Bliss
  • Each Sleeping Spaces Allows Two People To Hang Side By Side In Comfort Or Use Solo As A Double Layer Hammock
  • Constructed Of 100% Nylon Parachute Silk - A Soft And Breathable Material That Resists Rot & Mildew
  • Complete With 100 Inches Of 6mm Super Tough 100% Nylon Climbing Rope Sewn Into Each End of The 2 Sleeping Spaces - That is 400 inches Of Rope In Total
  • Each Of Two Sleeping Spaces are 59 x 106 Inches (150 cm x 270 cm) Strength Tested to 350 Lbs Per Side - Weight 29.5 oz (825 grams)
Brand Name
Hammock Bliss
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Camping & Hiking
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