igloo Clamshell Case - iPhone 5

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igloo Clamshell Case - iPhone 5
PRICE: $58.95


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So why igloo vs. other action camera's?

igloo Case leverages the technology users already have. Why purchase additional technology when your average smart phone has all the tools and more that other action cameras don't have.

Your average smart phone is loaded with tools (gps / software / accelerometers) that allow the user to enrich their video experience. Imagine skiing down a slope and using the inherent GPS on your phone to record your run as well as map out the exact trail you took, the exact speeds you hit, lateral g acceleration, and how long it took you to get down the trail. And not to mention have all this data overlay on top of the video you just recorded. Then with just a swipe and click you're video is edited and uploaded onto the web all on one device. This is, as igloo Case says, "smart" media. Smartphones are constantly improving. This means as you replace your smartphone you will always have the latest technology to record your hobbies without reinvesting in dedicated technology each time a newer action camera comes out. igloo Case focused on designing a solution that can be upgradable utilizing our replaceable foam sleeve.

It's universal!

igloo Case made the foam sleeve replaceable so as you replace your smartphone, all you have to do is replace the foam insert to insure a proper fit. igloo Case also built in a universal standard 1/4" 20mm threaded mount so that you can mount this on anything a standard modern camera / DSLR can be mounted to. You are not forced to use proprietary mounts like other typical action camera force you to use. Find the best mount out there built for the task or hobby you choose. There are even adapters that allow our igloo case to work with other action camera proprietary mounts.

Short Description
  • The Original igloo Cube Case allows you to insert your smartphone device into its rugged case and turn it into a Smart Action Camera.
  • Is the igloo Case Water Proof? The igloo Case is water resistant. Submerging the device in water for extended periods of time may allow water to seep in depending on depth and duration. We provide further water resistance by using hydrophobic foam that further protects your device.
  • What Apps are available for me to download? igloo Case does not offer any apps for sale directly. However, igloo Case has provided a small list of apps that have been used with success. You are able to download the majority of these apps from Apple. igloo Case and The Gear Co-op are not responsible for misuse or issues arising from 3rd party software vendors.
  • Apps: APS, Slo Pro (Slow Motion App), Harry's Lap Timer Plus (Data Acquisition App), Remote Live (Control your iPhone with another iPhone), Viddy (Instagram Your Video/Feduce Vibration), iMovie (Edit All Your Videos)
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