Kahtoola NANOspikes Footwear Traction System

PRICE: $49.95
Kahtoola NANOspikes Footwear Traction System
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PRICE: $49.95
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Calling runners: winter training made possible with NANOspikes™. It uses advanced polymers and spike designs that feel extremely light and sleek and are at the same time incredibly tough and durable.PICTURED FOOTWEAR SOLD SEPARATELY

Lightweight and Ergonomic Harness
The elastomer harness is thinner and lighter than ever without sacrificing strength or durability. It has an uniform stretch over the entire foot.

Reinforced Eyelets and Connections
By sharing a central connection to the harness between the front and rear traction plates, movement of the plates is minimized while achieving superior fit on the shoes. The overmolded eyelet technology fuses a stretchy and flexible elastomer material to a high abrasion-resistant polymeric insert, increasing durability and creating a more streamlined fit.

Evolved Spike Design
A new kind of spike was made by moving tungsten carbide studs away from the foot and creating a stepped and tapered shock absorbing cleat around them. The tungsten carbide studs have superior wear resistance and produce an unrivaled bite into ice, while the steps on the cleat engage all other types of terrain. Durability and reliability are optimized by holding the studs in place with a lightweight aluminum anchor. A base height 0.125" and a spike height 0.213" for the low profile traction plates.

Dual Compound and Upward Traction
By fusing a more flexible material to supportive plates, comfort and performance can coexist. The plates create a platform against the shoe, more evenly distributing forces and eliminating pressure points. The energy of each step is transferred to the tips of the carbide studs. Small cleats are interfaced with a shoe for upward traction to prevent movement between the plates and the shoe.

Hinged Front Plate and Built-In Snow Release
A flexible joint is integrated into the front plate enhancing fit and durability. An integrated snow release system was designed into traction plates.

Short Description
  • Ultralight and ergonomic harness
  • Reinforced inset eyelets and tough polymer connections to increase durability and create a more streamlined fit
  • Evolved Spike Design: 10 tungsten carbide studs that have superior wear resistance and produce an unrivaled bite into ice and shock absorbing cleats around them that effectively engage all other types of terrain
  • A flexible material fused to supportive plates for comfort and performance, and small cleats interfaced with the tread on a shoe to prevent movement between the plates and the shoe sole
  • A flexible joint to enhance fit and ensure durability, and an integrated snow release system in the traction plates
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