La Sportiva Mythos Climbing Shoe - Women's

PRICE: $145.00
La Sportiva Mythos Climbing Shoe - Women's
PRICE: $145.00
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Let's be honest: Some shoes are just not designed for all types of climbing. For example, every experienced crack climber understands that a foot jam should not be performed in certain (cough, Velcro) shoes. And even novices should know that roller skates are not ideal for bouldering. So why would you put yourself through this trauma when there's a shoe out there to prevent it? Tried and true, La Sportiva's Mythos is versatile to say the least; although perhaps most popular for crack climbing, their hard rubber rand (Vibram® XS Grip) comes in handy when edging or smearing. Using a patented lacing system and unlined leather material, the shoe is also able to conform to the exact shape of your foot while also adapting to any changes (i.e. inflammation) along the way. Speaking of inflammation, did you know that the recently coined phrase "get swole" tends to have a more negative connotation among climbers, due to their familiarity with foot swelling?
Short Description
  • IDEAL TERRAIN: crack climbing, face climbing and big walls
  • UPPER: Leather
  • LINING: Unlined (Dry-Best in tongue only)
  • MIDSOLE: 1.1mm full-length LaspoFlex
  • SOLE: 4mm Vibram XS Grip2
  • LAST: WRN 25
  • FIT: Tech w/ Medium-Low Asymmetry
  • WEIGHT: 8.29 oz / 235 g
Brand Name
La Sportiva
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14 Reviews

Great, comfy shoe for all manner of climbing. I got these for crack climbing or hanging out all day at the crag, but it turns out that I can also do reasonably technical gym climbs in these too.


Great, comfy shoe for all manner of climbing. I got these for crack climbing or hanging out all day at the crag, but it turns out that I can also do reasonably technical gym climbs in these too.


This is my second round with this shoe model. They're comfortable and fit my narrow feet really well.


Bought these for my girlfriend to replace a worn out pair of nagos that she loved. Fits the same as the nagos but what a world of difference. Overall highly recommend


Performs well. my go-to crack and all-day trad shoe. They stretch considerably so I wear a full size down from Muiras. They wear out fast including delaminating sole from rand but I have not found a better performing crack shoe for long routes.


These are great all around climbing shoes. They were a little tight at first (I ordered down a whole size from my street size) but they've stretched plenty in just a couple wears. Very comfortable and can be tightened quite easily.


My second pair...tried and true.


I started rock climbing two years ago with a pair of La Sportiva Nagos size 37. I am an avid outdoor climber now and am out almost every weekend. My Nagos lasted two years with one resole but I eventually wore out the top fabric from abrasion. So I decided it was time to upgrade to a more advanced, all day climbing shoe. And I LOVE these things!! I swore by my Nagos but the Mythos are like Nagos on steroids. They fit just as comfortably and I can wear them all day trad climbing without my feet getting sore. They have great friction on the rock and the 5mm is the perfect thickness to allow me to feel the rock on the tiniest of holds. It is true what I read in other reviews- they strecth... A LOT. I bought a size 35 this time and my standard shoe size is 6.5. When I first tried the shoes on they were already more comfortable than new climbing shoes should be. But the lacing system has allowed me to lace them tighter as they've stretched and they still fit great. My advice would be not to hesitate buying a pair that is at least 1.5-2 sizes small than your normal shoe size, even smaller if you can stand the pain. GREAT SHOE!!!

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