Mad Rock M5 Climbing Shoe

PRICE: $104.95
Mad Rock M5 Climbing Shoe
PRICE: $104.95
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Want mastery of the overhang? Slip into a shoe that will get you that much closer to defeating those muscle shivering, pumpy, gravity struggles. The M5 Climbing Shoe is like no other shoe design by Mad Rock. It incorporates their concave sole with a flat sole design, creating a shoe that curves, toe-aggressive, for those overhangs, but allows the foot to flatten when laying back into a crack. A Power Upper puts Science Friction (yeah that's right science friction) 3.0 rubber in place for massive jamming and toe hooking enhancement; and the molded Torque Heel gives unparalleled traction on a heel hook. Fit these tricks around your foot with Mad Rock's Arch Flex technology ensuring a comfortable ride whether driving hard vertical or standing, belaying a buddy, and you have a shoe that puts it all on the rock.
Short Description
  • High performance all around shoe
  • 3.8mm Flat/Concave sole
  • Two strap closure
  • 2.2mm R2 rand
  • Weight: 238g
Brand Name
Mad Rock
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3 Reviews

Shoe runs small. Expect full to half size up from your street or flat lasted climbing shoe. Synthetic so there is little to no stretch. Rubber is sticky. Performs as well as more expensive shoes in same category.


Sizing: Runs small\nLittle bulky. Haven't used them outside of gym. Prepare for break in time. My toes didn't react to well on our first date 😳


The Mad Rock M5's are my favorite shoe to date. They have excellent performance on all types of rock from Valley slabs, Font slopers to Heuco roofs. Mad Rock continues to improve their product line every year and this is my favorite update to the line.

The rubber is super sticky in cold and warm conditions and has good durability.

Toe rubber is perfect for scummy toe hooks.

The heel isn't extra bulky so it's easy to place and doesn't slide around a lot.

2 Velcro straps make it easy to get in and out of while keeping the fit tight.

Price can't be beat for the quality.

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