Mad Rock Redline Climbing Shoe

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Mad Rock Redline Climbing Shoe

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PRICE: $168.95
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The game-changing climbing shoe that pushes you through the redline for the send. For more than two decades, Obe Carrion - the first Mad Rock athlete - has injected his urban attitude into climbing culture. Throughout capturing multiple championships, sending high-level problems, and coaching top youth climbers, Obe still identifies himself as an inner-city kid. And that means status equates to a sick pair of kicks.

Heel Clutch
Constructed with super sticky rubber, Mad Rock's latest heel tensioning system for the Redline gives you unparalleled sensitivity along with enough power for any heel hook. The molded heel piece is connected to the lacing system which provides control over volume and tension.

Spiral Last
Downturned, cambered, rotated and twisted to place your feet into the best position to get the most out of your rock shoes. A brand new last developed for the most demanding climber out there.

Silicon Frame
Unique two way stretch framing technology provides a dynamic fit for all different varieties of foot shapes. Also helps to maintain the non-stretch aspects of the upper material for maximum performance.

Short Description
  • Molded Compression Tongue: Used in conjunction with Arch Flex technology, Mad Rock's new tongue design locks and hugs your foot into place. The molded tab is easier to manipulate for better entry and exit from the shoe.
  • Power Tape: Reduces the bulging issue found in downturned climbing shoes by preventing the rand rubber from overstretching. Also supports better edging performance where it's needed.
  • Perforated Tek Flex: Mad Rock's latest upper material provides great breathability along with a little give compared to the original non-stretch fabric.
  • Patented Concave Sole: Mad Rock's innovative and patented Concave Sole allows climbers to utilize their feet as they would their hands. Concave Soles are optimal for grabbing at holds while climbing on overhangs, and also help to create a sharper edge and better support for standing on tiny holds and edges.
  • Arch Flex: By utilizing our 1.8mm thick R2 rand rubber formula, the Arch Flex system gives our high performance shoes an unbelievable comfortable, but glove-like fit. The elastic property in Mad Rock's R2 formula hugs and locks your foot into place without the pain associated with other high performance shoes.
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12 Reviews

such a great shoe! starts out quite stiff, but after the break-in period, it is much more sensitive. the redline has become my go-to shoe for anything steep, routes and boulders.

i sized only a half size down from my street shoe, and they fit like a glove! this shoe is a machine for edging and front-pointing, and based on fit, heel hooking is super solid as well. the heel cup stays "suctioned" on, and there doesn't seem to be any dead space or slipping.

this shoe is comparable to the five ten dragons and sportive solutions, and holds up and performs just as well. if you're in the market for a good, aggressive, high-performance shoe, definitely give the redlines a shot.


I have to say, I was skeptical at first when I bough this shoe. After climbing in them, however, I have to say that this is by far the best shoe I have worn. I have climbed in other shoes ranging from mild to highly aggressive and nothing can compare. Straight off the bat, the shoe looks awesome when you take it out of the box. The sole looks thick but is very sensitive. I love the heel. Unlike velcro shoes, laces when tied, lets you fit in the shoe as if it was a glove. I have no complaints against the Redline. Just to add on, I have a wide, flat feet and my pair feels awesome. Madrock along side with Obe nailed it.


Sculptured by the hands East Coast legend Obe Carrion, the new Redline climbing shoe from Mad Rock is truly a game changer!

Where to begin?

This shoe is unlike anything that has been on the market previously due to a number of features including the very unique and very useful, moulded compression tongue which makes this fit like a slipper and a tie in in one.

The shoe also utilises Mad Rocks Tek Flex upper which is designed to let the foot "breath". I've never yet used a shoe that truly breaths, but this is about as close as it gets currently in the climbing footwear world. The sole is fitted with R2 rubber which combined with the Arch Flex technology, keeps the shoes shape even when the foot is loaded in unlike many other shoes which tend flatten out.


Mad Rock have been known previously for creating budget products which people would often shy away from thinking the lower cost had some correlation with quality. The new Redline sets to change that precedent and show that they not only make high quality, but that they can also role with the larger climbing companies when it comes to pushing the envelope of climbing innovation and technology.

These admittedly might not be the best choice when hitting the slabs as the same technology that allows them to keep their perfect shape for overhangs is the same that also makes them less than ideal for smearing. The rubber might be a touch on the stiff side also. However, I found it performed great in warmer conditions as the rubber seemed to get tackier.

Cost: $$$$
At $160, these are priced similar to that of it's competing shoes such as the La Sportiva Solutions or the Scarpa Instinct. They are significantly more than other shoes in the Mad Rock range but you're also getting a lot of

Performance: 5/5
For me, the shoe couldn't be much better. It fits my foot like a glove with zero dead space throughout and provides me with great performance without crippling my toes.

Value: 5/5
The quality of the shoe is unquestionably high but how long they last only time will tell. I've been using mine every day for a couple of months and they still show very little signs of wear.


The RedLines are radically different from any other Mad Rock climbing shoes. It took a little time to adjust, but when I did I was greatly satisfied. The aggressive toe makes it effortless to perch and push down on any foot. It relieves a great deal of stress for when I need to tighten my core on an overhung wall. In addition, the toe is sensitive. I am able to feel what I am putting my feet on regardless of the thick rubber between skin and rock. The comfort level is perplexing. I don't understand how something so aggressive and downturned can be so comfortable, but it works! When I first saw the pictures of the shoe online, I was not a fan of the visual design. Once I put them on my feet however, I thought s**t these shoes are d**n stylish.


The first instances of trying the shoe, there was still some dead space in the heel. However, I eventually figured out that I just needed to tighten the laces enough for the heel to fit perfectly. So anyone that may feel the heel doesn't fit, should just try to lace the shoes tighter. It helped me!


This for starters is one of the most visually appealing shoe from Mad Rock, the sharp color contrasts and simple color design are truly eye catching. And the shoe feels amazing, I have a fairly narrow foot and this hugged my foot perfectly. I would suggest going up a 1/2 size from the Mad Rock Demons for a perfect fit. One of the things I liked most was the heel...It's a simple, supple heel, that I feel I could heel hook almost anything with. I often have issues with air pockets in the heel cups but so far with all my Mad Rocks this has not been an issue at all.

Once I have these broken in a bit more, they will be my new favorite shoe. I hope Mad Rock makes other variations of this shoe!


So far this shoe is by far my favorite shoe out there. One of my favorite aspects is the new heel cup. Unlike some of the earlier models of Mad Rock shoe, because this heel is tied into the lacing system, my foot completely fills out the space, which I have found to be an issue with the majority of climbing shoes out there. This, however, does not stop at the heel, because the entire shoe literally fits like a glove. I personally have no air gaps at all, throughout the entire shoe. The amount that the shoe is down turned is aggressive for steep stuff, but at the same time not too rigid, and just the right amount of flexibility to control my foot placement. So far I have loved the shoe for sport climbing, although it is awesome for bouldering, just need to unlace more often. A quality 5 star shoe that will surprise any climber!


This the most aggressive shoe I have ever owned! It fits like glove, I feel like my whole foot has the right amount of tension. The tongue is different than any shoe I have seen. It is great because it doesnt move whenever I place my foot in different positions.
I feel like I could edge on sharper and smaller foot holds now. The rubber is insane sticky. This fall/winter climbing season is going to be a successful one, I just know it with these redlines!


A few weeks ago, I was able to get my hands on the new Mad Rock RedLines, a shoe designed by Obe Carrion that was released in July. This past Saturday (Aug. 9th), I was able to give these shoes a workout at the 9th annual Beat the Heat competition at Sport Rock II in Alexandria, Virginia.

Before the review, a note on price. Prices of climbing shoes have been increasing. Its a pain in the butt. This shoe, the RedLines, are Mad Rocks entry into the high price point market. Its unfortunate the shoes (in general) cost so much but, compared to other high end shoes, the price isn't going to change.

To start with, the first thing noticed when taking the shoes out of the box is the aesthetics. The shoes look awesome. The white appearance with red lettering (with a slight gloss from the silicon frame that reduces stretching) is sure to capture anyone’s eye. I received positive comments about how the shoe looks while at the local gym and while at the competition.

As far as the actual shoe goes, sizing is the first question that comes up in conversation. The shoe was designed with comfort in mind and it sizes equal to my M5’s and my Asics running shoes and up ½ size from my performance Sharks. Compared to other brands, it runs about equal to the Evolv Shaman, if not slightly smaller due to some additional padding in the RedLines and up 1 full size from FiveTen Team shoes or equal to FiveTen Rogues.

After sizing comes the fit. The RedLines are the most comfortable shoe in the Mad Rock catalog and that is after considering how comfortable the Sharks are. They do not even need breaking in as the fit is perfect right out of the box. The lining provides padding around every part of the foot and the midsole provides more arch support than the Sharks, Demons, and M5’s. Putting the RedLines on are also far easier than putting on the Sharks or Demons. A feature that helps with this endeavor is the shoe’s tongue acts as a third pull-tab that brings the toes directly to the front of the shoe and both effortlessly and comfortably into the downturned toe-box. The toe-box itself is similar to that of the Demon’s toe-box where the toes feel curled around a ball. However, the RedLine is much more subtle in this and has far more padding to make the curling feel more natural. Along with the toe-box is a knuckle-box to aid in the comfort of the front-end of the shoe. The overall flexibility of the shoe is also what would be expected after the releases of the Sharks and M5s. It uses the same ArchFlex system as the newer models to provide flexibility in fit. All of this combined with the laces provides and extraordinary comfortable fit that molds the shoe around the foot better than a glove. The effort put into this shoes design for comfort is astounding and it must be reiterated that this shoe is the most comfortable of all of Mad Rock’s line-up.

The rubber and Performance is the last step. The RedLines are designed to be the high-end shoe to compete with other brands. With this, they are successful. The rubber is a little thicker on the RedLines than the Sharks and Demons and is not the molded rubber those two shoes share. The rubber material is closer to the M5s and it is sticky! So much so that polished footholds do not stand a chance. The shoes are great all-around’ers despite being as aggressive as they are. The flexibility makes a properly sized RedLine great for slabs to roofs. The RedLines also have the best heel Mad Rock has designed to date allowing the heel to stick to everything. However, the heel is also a little wider and someone with narrower heels will have to worry about keeping tension on the sides of the heel. Softer rubber on the sides allows the heel to be jammed fairly easily though. For very narrow heels, the sharks may outperform here. One drawback in performance is toe-hooking. Combining the down-turned toe-box and an aggressive shoe, toe hooking can sometimes feel awkward. The flexibility in the shoe helps but it still cannot beat a slipper.

In short:
Pros: Comfortable, Arch-Flex, the tongue of the shoe (how often is that ever said about a shoe?), designed by Obe Carrion, Heel, Sizing is easy (street shoe size assuming those are sized correctly)

Cons: Heel is way too wide if you have narrow heels, toe-hooking, Price point is the same as other high end shoes (when will the inflation trend end?! (never))

Basically, if you are looking for a new shoe, the Red Lines were designed with both Comfort and Performance held on equal footing and is worth the price compared to the competition.


Mad Rock has had almost every pro create their own shoe in the LA lab, and Obe is the first to push his idea to the market. The RedLine is so aggressive that it looks too small to fit, but this first Carrion shoe is a new generation apart from the Flash, or Conflict Series, and my foot is pushed upwards like in a Testerosa or Magos to put tension on the heel and stack weight over my toes. If the Shark 2.0 was any indication of what happens when athletes inspire to move into the R+D department, the RedLine will be a successful bouldering and sport climbing shoe. It's definitely not recommended for trad climbing, and is not made for beginners, or for comfort.


I've had the Redline shoes for a couple of weeks and so far they are amazing. The rubber is so sticky on both plastic and outdoors. I fit the heel cup really well that I have no issues heel hooking. Even if I had a bit of room lacing the shoes would very likely solve that issue with the "clutch heel system." I love the stiff down turn. Sizing: it is recommended that you go with your street size or half size larger depending on what your using them for. If you're lucky to try them out at your local gym or at Gear CoOp, definitely start at street size. I sized mine half size larger because I sport climb way more and have several overhanging projects. If you don't live near the Gear CoCp you might get lucky and your gym might have Madrock shoe demos with Redline and other models to try on.


The RedLine has to be the most advanced shoe in climbing. No other shoe has the features! Unique fit that's not killing your foot.


After owning the Redlines for over a month now, I believe that I can give a thorough assessment of how they perform in many different types of terrain.

The fit of the Redlines are unbelievably comfortable, and I'm not just saying that to sound nice. I have used and owned the Solutions, Testarosa's, Shaman's, Katana's, Dragon's, Futura's, and Vapor V's. Out of all the shoes I have tried, the Redline's are hands-down the most comfortable down-turned aggressive shoe that have ever graced my feet. I realize it is very difficult to describe comfort, but from my point of view I would have to say that the Arch Flex in the shoe has a tendency to grab my arch and in-turn naturally point my toes in a downward position. This natural downturn creates an amazing comfort level, while still having absolute confidence when edging on almost nothing.

A few things that really stood out for me about the Redline, would be the fact that I never needed to actually lace up the shoes. The elastic that is attached to the really kool mesh tongue, compresses the top of your foot to the arch of the shoe, creating a positive fit while the shoe is not laced up. Another great feature of the Redline would be the variable heel-clutch. I have a very odd shaped heel, which has a tendency to slip out of the Solutions and many other down-turned aggressive climbing shoes. The Redlines Heel-Clutch is designed in such a way that when you crank down on the laces, your heel is held into place and compressed like the chin-cup of a football helmet or something. The Redlines are definitely a stiffer shoe than i expected, but after 2 weeks of break-in the Redlines were showing amazing feel and sensitivity.

Overall, I would have to say that the Redline is the best high performance shoe that I have ever used. Do yourself a favor and try a pair before their all gone!

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