Mammut Light Removable Avalanche Airbag - Iron/Smoke 30L

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PRICE: $699.95
Mammut Light Removable Avalanche Airbag - Iron/Smoke 30L
PRICE: $699.95


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The Light Removable Airbag is the absolute featherweight among Mammut avalanche airbags. With the Removable Airbag System without a cartridge, the airbag weighs just around 1.8kg. However, it still offers all the features you would expect from a good one-day touring or freeriding backpack. Very comfortable to carry, with attachments for skis, snowboard, axe, and ski poles. Its packing volume of 30L makes the Light Removable Airbag an all-arounder in terms of applications. Safety leg loop. Side compression straps. Hydration system compatible.

Removable Airbag System
The removable airbag system is a removable avalanche airbag system based on a square airbag that deploys behind the wearer's head. The user can easily and safely install the airbag in the appropriate backpack and remove it again as required. One airbag system for different backpacks. Important: The R.A.S. cannot be used in a Protection Airbag System Backpack! All Airbag Packs are sold Without the air cartiridge which must be purchased separately.

Airbag System Function
Both airbag systems work according to the same principle. The individual components of the airbag are identical. The only difference is the shape of the balloon and the attachment in the backpack. Pulling the deployment handle activates the deployment mechanism. The mechanism opens the pressure cartridge and the released gas flows through the Venturi vavle into the airbag. The Venturi effect also draws ambient air into the airbag. The gas in the cartridge and the ambient air generate 150L of air into the airbag. The entire process takes around 3 seconds, depending on the temperature and height.

Short Description
  • R.A.S. A system designed for use in several backpacks
  • 2 ice axe carriers
  • Snowboard carrier
  • Diagonal ski carrier
  • Lightweight ski touring and freeriding backpack. Backpack weight just 950g, Backpack with R.A.S.: 1800g
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