Mammut Protection Aavalanche Airbag System - Black

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PRICE: $598.95
Mammut Protection Aavalanche Airbag System - Black
PRICE: $598.95


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The Mammut Protection Airbag System is the newly developed version of the well-known Snowpulse Lifebag System. The special shape of the airbag and its clever integration in different backpacks are unique features. The shape of the airbag protects the wearer's head, neckm and chest area from mechanical injuries and ensures an optimal position by keeping the wearer's head and upper body on the surface.

Certified by the TÜV Süd. Trauma protection - protects the wearer's head, neck, and chest area. Fast location thanks to the bright red color. Removable airbag system - one system for different types of backpacks. Simple and intuitive operation. Airbag Volume: 150L. Airbag inflation: arpox. 3 seconds. Easily stowable deployment handle. Proven Snowpulse Inflation System 2.0.

In addition to the safety features, Mammut has succeeded in designing a complete "removable" airbag system. This allows users to swap one system between several backpacks, allowing them to always select the most suitable backpack for the relevant application. Important: The Protection Airbag System cannot be installed in a Removable Airbag System Backpack! All Airbag Packs are sold Without the air cartiridge which must be purchased separately.

Airbag System Function
Both airbag systems work according to the same principle. The individual components of the airbag are identical. The only difference is the shape of the balloon and the attachment in the backpack. Pulling the deployment handle activates the deployment mechanism. The mechanism opens the pressure cartridge and the released gas flows through the Venturi vavle into the airbag. The Venturi effect also draws ambient air into the airbag. The gas in the cartridge and the ambient air generate 150L of air into the airbag. The entire process takes around 3 seconds, depending on the temperature and height.

Short Description
  • Compatible with all protection airbag backpacks
  • Head on top - the special positioning of the airbag keeps the head and upper body on the surface
  • Weight: without cartridge 870g
  • Range of application: -30°C - 40°C
  • Cartridges are not included and must be purchased separately
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