Mammut Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Beacon - Updated Winter 2013

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PRICE: $489.95
Mammut Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Beacon - Updated Winter 2013
PRICE: $489.95


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3-antenna device with digital and analog mode and 2 user profiles. Optimized first signal display using intelligent signal processing. Real time-optimized 360° directional display for maximum search speed. Fine-locating with additional distance aid.

Search: signal analysis and separation with multiple burials, distance/direction indication, Mark/Unmark victims. 3-D motion sensor: movement detector senses and relays vital data, detection of victims, rescue-SEND (automatically switches modes if rescuer is buried in secondary avalanche). W-Link: scalable software platform, additional communication channel, enables very efficeint fleet management. Other functions: Frequency check for group test, intelligent group check, automatic self-test while switching-on, user guide/menu in 8 languages, impact and breakage resistant, headphone connection, LCD contrast setting. Standard: EN 300718

457kHz transceiver frequency. Digital Signal Processing: rapid signal recognition and long range with direction/distance indication. 3 antennas: allows for coarse and precice searches. User profiles: allows you to select the most appropriate profile depending on needs and abilities. Accoustic search guidance: tone pattern becomes louder and faster depending on location of buried subject. Allows user to focus on surface, not screen. Power supply: batteries.

W-Link network: links Barryvox devices during a search, recognizes Barryvox devices and lists them, and can be used to transmit vital data. Analog mode: reliably resolve challenging search situations using micro-search strips, the three circle method, and fine search in a circle. The search strip width can be increased to 80m. Earphones can be useful for analog search. Vital data: highly sensitive acceleration sensor measures very tiny movements in the body (such as heart or lungs). Each movement is interpreted as a sign of life and displayed by the W-Link as a heart icon on the list of buried subjects.

Short Description
  • Range approx: 60m+; Search strip width: 50m
  • Dimensions: 113 x 75 x 27 mm
  • W-Link frequency EU: 869.8MHz; US/Can: 916-926MHz
  • Batteries: 3AAA; Battery Life: 200+ hours
  • Weight: including batteries 210g
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