Mothers Day 2015

Beary sweet gifts for Mom.

She's nurtured you, fed you, protected you, and chased after you. Shower your Mama Bear with love this Mother's Day: Gear Coop's got gifts especially for her favorite activities, so she can enjoy the great outdoors (with or without you meddling cubs).

For the Climbing Mama Bear:

She's taken you to great heights. Now lift her up with pitch-perfect shoes, ropes, harnesses, pro, and more.

For the Hiking Mama Bear:

She's always sniffing out new adventures. Load up her pack with gear for everything from a quick day's trek to a weeklong excursion.

For the Fishing Mama Bear:

If she's always on the hunt for "the big one," these great fishing rods and gear are sure to be her catch of the day.

For the Running Mama Bear:

The wind in her fur makes her feel alive. Send her soaring down the trail with sleek shoes, supportive socks, and versatile accessories.

For the Relaxing Mama Bear:

Even the most active of mama bears needs a break sometimes. She can rest her tired paws in our fave comfy apparel and footwear.

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