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Your great adventure
Five seven five, in three lines,
A grand prize awaits!

Congrats to the Winners!

Adventure haiku finalists:

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The Haiku:

A real haiku's gotta be as simple as porridge and yet make you see the real thing, like the greatest haiku of them all probably is the one that goes "The sparrow hops along the veranda, with wet feet." By Shiki. You see the wet footprints like a vision in your mind and yet in those few words you also see all the rain that's been falling that day and almost smell the wet pine needles. - Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums

While Kerouac's passage above uses a jiyuritsu free-form haiku as its example, most of us are familiar with teikei haiku, the three-line poem following a 5-7-5 syllabic format. Do not be deceived by a haiku's simplicity: as Kerouac explains, the true spirit of the haiku is not in the number of syllables. It's in the atmosphere you can evoke with such poetic restriction.

And what better inspiration for a haiku than your outdoor adventures? Venturing into the wilderness provides the perfect opportunity for zen, meditation, and reflection in the midst of our hectic daily lives. Whether you're backpacking a long trail, climbing a favorite route, or just out for a solo run, savor the opportunity to be at one with yourself.

Now, you can share your innermost ponderings whilst wandering with a favorite action shot using our Instagram hashtag #MyAdventureHaiku. You could win you $500, $300, or $100 of credit for adidas Outdoor gear, perfect for your next escape.

P.S. If you need help with haiku structure, check out!

The Prizes:

adidas Outdoor wants you to make the most of your next outdoor excursion. As the true athletic brand in the outdoors, they understand the importance of getting away from it all and immersing yourself in the quiet solitude of the backcountry, where it's just you, your breath, your body, and your spirit. The true adventure lies within.

That's why they're ready to reward your creativity with four great prizes:

  • -One Haiku Grandmaster will receive a $500 adidas Outdoor COOPon, enough to assemble an entire head-to-toe ensemble
  • -One Haiku Sensei will receive a $300 adidas Outdoor COOPon, worthy of a couple essential pieces
  • -Two Haiku Grasshoppers will receive a $100 adidas Outdoor COOPon, perfect for that high-tech jacket or top for the season ahead

How to Enter:

Using Instagram, snap a photo of you while out on an adventure.

Include your 5-7-5 three-line haiku in the caption. Describe your experience, thoughts, or philosophical musings. The tone is up to you: reflective, upbeat, funny, frustrated--all feelings are valid.

Use the hashtag #MyAdventureHaiku at the end of your caption. You will automatically be entered into the contest. There is no limit to the number of haikus you are allowed to enter.

Don't have an Instagram, or do hashtags give you hives? You can also email your photo and related haiku to Please include "My Adventure Haiku" in the subject line.

Be sure to share your haiku with your friends--you may very well spark their own creativity to submit their own. Follow everyone's poetic adventures here at

Though sharing your adventure haiku to the world is always encouraged, the #myadventurehaiku contest ended on January 9th, 2015. Stay tuned as we announce future giveaways!

The Adventure Haikus:

The #myadventurehaiku gallery of great adventures told in haiku!

get out there!

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