New England Ropes Glider 10.5mm 2x Dry Dynamic Climbing Rope

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New England Ropes Glider 10.5mm 2x Dry Dynamic Climbing Rope
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Our Glider series represents the ultimate in durability and reduced rope drag. Built to the same high performance standards as our Apex products, ropes in the Glider series utilize our TPT (Twill Pattern Technology) sheath design, significantly reducing drag. It's the rope that Rock and Ice described as "a fabulous feel without being soft and mushy...noticeably reduces drag...[and is a] real joy to handle with minimal kinking..."

TPT Technology
Twill Pattern Technology (TPT) is a unique cover design resulting in a 1-over-1 pattern. This design produces a cover sheath with a smaller profile in cross section than plain pattern sheaths, which is the construction used in the majority of climbing ropes. For the climber, this ensures improved abrasion resistance over sharp edges (due to the smaller profile) and a smoother surface that significantly reduces drag in mechanical devices. The Elevate and Aspire Maxim Gym Ropes utilize TPT technology in their sheath construction. The added abrasion resistance, along with a 33% thicker cover, enables Elevate and Aspire ropes to withstand multiple falls and heavy abrasion inherent in climbing gyms without compromising handling or knotability.

Endura Dry
Endura Dry is a multi-stage application process. For STD-Dry ropes, the coating is applied to the individual core yarns prior to the braiding process. The cores are then surrounded by an additional protective cover, locking in the water-blocking power of the coating. 2X Dry ropes are treated a second time using the same process. New England Ropes cures the finished product, using an environmentally controlled process that creates a chemical bond between the coating and the finished climbing rope. Endura Dry lubricates the individual core fibers, improving fiber-to-fiber abrasion that can occur beneath the surface.

Short Description
  • TPT (Twill Pattern Technology) lowers friction
  • Endura Dry Double Dry treatment
  • Weight: 70g/m
  • UIAA Falls: 12
  • Dynamic Elongation: 29%
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New England Ropes
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