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Gear Coop launches the first-ever-free-range, certified organic shipping service, powered by vegan hippie bike couriers. And it's free!

Gear Coop Introduces Free Fair-Trade, Certified Organic Shipping.

"Delivered Exclusively via Vegan Bike Couriers, Gear Coop Guarantees Package Delivery with a Microscopic Environmental Footprint"

COSTA MESA, CA (Apr. 1, 2015) — Gear Coop has long been known for their Triple Guarantee—free two-day shipping, free return shipping, and a lifetime product guarantee—which remains unique to the outdoor industry. However, for 2015, they're revolutionizing the industry even more by introducing fair-trade, certified organic shipping, a first for any business anywhere.

"As outdoor lovers, we naturally care about the environment, and from the beginning Gear Coop has been green," explained Terry Lee, founder and CEO of Gear Coop. "Our office is energy-efficient and recycling is a top priority. Plus, we already ship our products from a variety of distribution centers across the United States to help reduce emissions."

Starting today and available on any purchase, the freestyle pay-what-you-want shipping service will ensure your package arrives with the most miniscule of carbon footprints: via a bicycle courier service staffed exclusively by vegans on a fleet of fixed-gear Dutch cargo bikes.

"This new shipping option is taking our dedication one crucial step further. We are also looking into eco-friendly shipping options and carbon credits to further reduce our impact and lead by example within the industry," Terry added.

Rest assured that your package will never touch the hands of a toxin-laden meat eater, pescatarian, or mere lacto-ovo vegetarian. The delivery service guarantees that all its Oregon-based staff members live off the grid in a solar powered tiny-house community in Portland, where they subsist completely off a raw, pesticide-free, vegan diet. And their BPA-free recycled-glass bottles are filled with kombucha fermented right in their commune's dining yurt, rather than toxin- and hormone-laden city water.

"There are even more added benefits to fair-trade delivery men and women," elaborated Jon Asher, Gear Coop's Marketing Director. "Due to their reliance on alternative healthcare methods such as healing crystals, juicing, and sound resonance, we will save at least $1 million this year on traditional insurance costs."

Due to the delivery service's human-powered vehicles, shipping service will be slower than anticipated for the first couple weeks. Please direct all questions and concerns to "Starshine Moonbeam," Gear Coop's newly-appointed alternative shipping coordinator.

About Gear Coop

Established in 2009 in Costa Mesa, California, Gear Coop is an outdoor retailer known for their "triple guarantee"—free return shipping, free 2-day shipping, and a lifetime guarantee on all products—which is totally unique within the outdoor industry.

Hearkening back to their roots as a climbing shop, Gear Coop prides itself on its extensive variety of climbing gear, with over 100 models of climbing shoes plus harnesses, carabiners, and sport and trad gear always in stock. However, Gear Coop and its team of "GearCoopers" strive to outfit everyone who loves being outdoors. From backpacking to backcountry snowsports, they stock top brands including Arc'teryx, adidas Outdoor, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, La Sportiva, Black Diamond, GoPro, and countless others.

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