Petzl Pirana Descender

PRICE: $39.95-$41.95
Petzl Pirana Descender
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PRICE: $39.95-$41.95
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  • Weight : 90 g
  • Rope compatibility : For use with single ropes between 8 and 13 mm in diameterimum Can be used on double ropes, but certain braking positions may not be usable depending on the rope's diameterimum
  • Guarantee : 3 years
  • Made in : France
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I bought this thing as a novelty - the ATC guide is vastly more useful for what I do - but I was pretty impressed with it as an 8-style descender. It's quick to rig, can't invert, and has multiple friction settings!The range of runtime configurable rigging options is broad enough for a lightweight person to run anything from 11mm rope to 5.5mm Titan cord (don't ever do that)The Pirana and host carabiner are intended to lock together as a rigid unit and most modern H-spine designs won't fit, you'll have to find something round in cross section. Petzl recommends the Attache. The Metolious Element is a smaller, cheaper option. The whole rig ends up being pretty bulky.If you're looking for a practical rappel device a four-bar rappel rack with a hyperbar will be safer, smoother running, more compact, and won't twist your rope up.If you're looking for something cool and different, this is that.


I'm a vertical caver with limited canyoning experience. Having used a Petzl Stop, Rack/Micro Rack, and figure eight, the Petzl Pirana is absolutely my favorite rappel device. Vertical caving frequently involves tight squeezes, and the Pirana makes it easy. It doesn't get stuck like the Stop does on 11mm ropes, and is much less bulky than the rack. It's also much safer than the figure eight, having far more speed options and not requiring removing the device from the biner to load/unload. Changeovers are surprisingly easy, though I'm small, so it's easier for me to lock than it is for larger cavers.The Pirana isn't recommended for extremely long or arduous drops, as it requires the user to constantly hold onto the rope, but it's still great for quick pops and I've used mine in nearly 4000 feet of combined descents; it hardly has any scars of use. I'll be using mine for years to come.


What can I say? This descender gets the job done perfectly. Previously having only used an ATC for rappelling, this device is like a breath of fresh air. Plus, when I invite others to go rappelling with me, I can really slow it down so they can get used to the sport before doing anything too crazy.

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