Petzl Spirit Locking Carabiner - Screw-Lock

PRICE: $15.95
Petzl Spirit Locking Carabiner - Screw-Lock
PRICE: $15.95
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Compact, ultra-lightweight screw-lock carabiner

The SPIRIT SCREW-LOCK is based on the SPIRIT carabiner and uses Petzl's manual screw-lock locking system. This carabiner is designed for specific applications, for example for use at belay stations. It is very compact, and has an H cross section to reduce weight, as well as the Keylock system to avoid the carabiner snagging during maneuvers.

Carabiner optimized for lightness and durability:
- Very compact shape is ideal for belay stations;
H-shaped cross section offers an improved strength/weight ratio
Wider contact surfaces for better rope glide and reduced wear on the carabiner

Easy to use, for efficient handling:
SCREW-LOCK locking sleeve for good handling and effective locking
visual indicator facilitates checking that the carabiner is locked
nose and Keylock system helps avoid the carabiner snagging during maneuvers
carabiner designed for better rope glide and to ensure good positioning of the belay device
shape adapted for easy tying or untying of a clove hitch

Certification(s): CE EN 362, CE EN 12275 type H, UIAA 121

Short Description
  • Major axis strength 23 kN
  • Minor axis strength 8 kN
  • Open gate strength 9 kN
  • Gate opening 18 mm
  • Weight 45g
Brand Name
Petzl Pro
Color Name
Size Name
Style Name
Part Number
"M53A SL"


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3 Reviews

Light, smooth, the red mark is very helpful as a check to see if the biner is locked. Nothing to not like about it.


perfect carabiner I use it to attach my belay device to my harness, screwlock is east to lock and unlock when ready, and the red color helps to remember to lock the carabiner.


Hands down favorite biner of all time. Super light and the gate and lock are smooth as butter. I wish all biners were made this nicely!

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