Petzl Tandem (Transport Pulley)

PRICE: $69.95
Petzl Tandem (Transport Pulley)
PRICE: $69.95
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If you aspire to abseil Yosemite's dramatic Lost Arrow Spire, or to climb that lone detached pillar just off a favorite route, you'll have to make a leap of faith--or just use the petzl Tandem transport pulley to Tyrolean traverse with the best of them. This double pulley can accommodate ropes up to 13mm and features a wide, secure attachment point that can hold up to three carabiner. Slide your ropes through the sheaves--which are mounted on self-lubricated bushings for 71% efficiency--and zip across gaps at speeds of up to 10m/s. The Petzl Tandem can handle a working load of up to 10 kN, so it can easily guide you and your packs across chasms to your next destination--or make for one awesome backyard zipline.
Short Description
  • Sheaves mounted on self-lubricating bushings for good efficiency
  • Maximum allowable speed: 10 m/s
  • Accepts up to three carabiners to facilitate use
  • CE / UIAA certified. Efficiency: 71%. Breaking strength: 24 kN. Working load: 10 kN. Sheave: 21mm, s
  • For use with ropes of maximum diameter 13 mm. Weight 9.6 oz (195g)
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Great for ziplines, can be removed easily. 40% less than the dedicated zipline sites.

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