Point6 Bellis Extra Light Cushion Mini Crew Socks

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Point6 Bellis Extra Light Cushion Mini Crew Socks
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Classic design with minimal cushioning for a performance fit. Extra light cushioning under foot absorbs shock and comforts the sole. Temperature regulating Merino wool is the ideal choice for runners in any climate.

Blisters. Nothing can ruin a run faster. Which is why our running socks feature maximum moisture and temperature management by keeping our premium Point6 merino wool next to your skin. Our fine grade point6 merino is compact spun and our socks are knit with high needle count machines. The result? Dense, more durable running socks that resist pilling and wear while wrapping your feet in luxurious softness. State of the art knitting technologies reduce friction, enhance breathability and create a perfect fitting sock.

Runners represent the Holy Grail of sock aficionados - it could be argued that in no other activity does foot comfort matter so much, with feet required to endure miles and miles of repetitive force. With so much technology dedicated to your running shoe, running socks should perform without interfering - our running socks are made to do that.

All of our running socks feature a knit-in achilles brace and arch brace for support in all the right areas. Ventilation panels enhance breathability and keep moisture and temperature regulated. Our ultra smooth toe seam prevents unwanted rubbing against the top, side, and bottom of your toes, keeping you focused on the run. Whether you're a minimalist looking for an ultra light performance fit or you prefer to cushion your feet for mile after mile, you'll find the right Point6 running sock for every trail, road, treadmill, or track.

Wearing wool running socks when it's warm can seem like an odd choice. But the crimp in merino wool fibers creates efficient insulation that keeps you warm when it's cold, and cool when it's warm. There's no need for specific warm weather socks or cold weather socks because all of our socks for running regulate body temperature in the same way.

Short Description
  • Reinforcement in wear areas for abrasion resistance and greater durability
  • Ultra smooth seamless toe closure has no lumps or extra fabric to irritate the toes. Tapered toe box anatomically hugs the foot
  • Deep heel pocket creates anatomical fit around heel, prevents slippage and movement around the heel
  • Sport-specific cushioning is designed for each activity. Terry loop cushion retains its resilience and will not pack out like cotton or synthetic fibers
  • Weight: 2 oz
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