Price Match Guarantee

We get it, money saved today is new gear down the road, and that’s why we’ll do everything in our power to get you the lowest price possible. Shop with confidence knowing that if you find one of our products on a different site for less, we’ll reward your deal-sleuthing diligence by price matching. After all, premium outdoor equipment at the lowest price is in our DNA.


How do I get a price matched?

Take advantage of our price match guarantee by emailing cs@gearcoop.com with the product you want to purchase and the competitor’s offer URL (website address). After verifying the requirements we’ll lower the price accordingly. Score one for the deal-hunters.


Price match requirements:

  • Identical product (same size, color, options, condition, and model year)
  • Product must be in-stock on competitor’s website and competitor must be based in United States
  • Competitor must be an approved manufacturer retailer, licensed to offer products and uphold manufacturer warranties
  • The price must be listed on competitor’s website and not on affiliate platform
  • The listed price must be final and not adjusted. If the competitor offers a cash back option, additional discount, etc. we cannot price match
  • Products from outlet stores are ineligible for price matching