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BCA's working shovel for industrial use–and for building huge kickers. Move huge volumes of snow with our largest blade and D-grip handle. NOTE: Does not fit in shovel compartment of BCA Float or Stash packs.
  • The Dozer 3D avalanche shovel is BCA's largest blade size working shovel and features a D-grip handle for industrial use.
  • It is ideal for building huge kickers and moving huge volumes of snow. BCA's new Dozer shovels feature ovo-concave shafts and low-profile, "stompable" blades. 
  • The front third of the shovel blade offers a smooth surface for clean snowpit walls during snow stability tests. 
  • With BCA's flat "stomp edge" on the blade, you can penetrate just about anything by adding body weight.
  • Auto-engaging spring pins at the blade/shaft connection make for faster, hands-free assembly/deployment. BCA shovels lie flat in your pack with no protruding ferrule or "neck," leaving more room for other backcountry gear. All BCA extendable shovels are designed to meet the UIAA standard for avalanche rescue shovels.

Technical Specs