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If you have ever hung in a regular harness for any period of time, you know just how uncomfortable every inch of webbing and so-called padding becomes. You silently curse your partner's slow progress as you begin to lose feeling in your feet. Of course, if you had invested in the plush comfort of the Big Gun Harness you might be marveling at the beauty of your surroundings and incredible exposure rather than focusing solely on finishing and removing your waist torture device. The Big Gun is more than just an insanely comfortable harness though, with seven gear loops it's almost as if Black Diamond is daring you to find a behemoth aid route worthy of the racking capabilities. A full strength haul loop provides a secure attachment for your static line and double belay loops give a modicum of organization to complicated aid systems. Whether embarking on a dicey A4 adventure or simply putting down big multi-pitch days, do your body a favor and grab the ultra comfortable and functional Big Gun Harness, objectives await.
  • Thermoformed foam bullhorn waistbelt with trad buckle
  • Adjustable, removable leg loops
  • 7 color-Replacementd customizable gear loops
  • 2 color-Replacementd belay loops and 12 kN-rated haul loop
  • Left or right holster slots with one hammer holster included