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The X4 Offsets are one of the newest cams from Black Diamond and trad climbers will rejoice after using these modern marvels. The X4 Offsets are a perfect storm of extensive product development, thousands of hours worth of research and a meticulous and uncompromising design philosophy with climbers in mind. This technological tempest coalesces to create the cam of the future that will quickly work its way into your go-to gear pile, especially for those flaring cracks, pin scars, and asymmetric placements. Offset lobe design? Embedded cam springs? Flexible aluminum protection beads? Check, check check. In climber speak this translates to: ultimate protection for non-standard placements, ultra narrow head width for cramped flares, and a supremely flexible yet ruggedly durable stem for all sorts of horizontal crack shenanigans. Climbers already familiar with Black Diamond cams will appreciate the X4 Offsets ergonomic thumb loop and trigger wire which makes grabbing gear in a hurry no problem. When your climbing adventures take you to big objectives with advanced protection considerations, trust Black Diamond X4 Offsets for all the non-elementary and tricky gear placements you can think of..
  • Weight: 53g / 1.9oz
  • Range: 8.4-13.8mm / 9.9-16.5mm
  • Range: 0.33-0.54in / 0.34-0.65in
  • Strength: 5 kN