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Hi, my name is Black Diamond Contact Crampon and I don't normally post on these dating sites but here it goes. A little bit about me: I enjoy long walks on icy glaciers and windswept mountain sides. Ya I know you might have expected me to say the beach but I thoroughly enjoy moving around the mountains. I'm extremely reliable albeit a little cautious and my wit is as sharp as my 10 stainless steel points. I'm hoping to meet someone interested in exploring snowy ridges and steep faces, you know, someone who shares my love of the alpine. I'm not naive enough to think we can only have an emotional connection. I hope I don't come off as being vain but I look good, weighing a scant 1 pound 12.5 ounces of slick engineering and hybrid design. In the past I've really fit well with heel welts, the connection was immediate and just seemed so locked in. If mountaineering is your passion and you're looking for a hybrid crampon, look no further than me, the Black Diamond Contact Crampon.
  • Distinctive stainless steel construction doesn't rust, is more durable, resists snow balling and saves weight
  • New lower-profile fit for better contact with modern boots
  • Flexible toe strap fits most footwear
  • Includes dual-density ABS
  • Weight:808g, 1 lb 13oz Size: One size fits 36-46